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Soulful Sojourn

Redesign • Logo Design • Illustration

Redesign of the logo for “Soulful Sojourn”. 

The travel and coaching provider “Soulful Sojourn” needed an upgrade of its corporate design.

I was asked to redesign the logo. I would like to describe the process of this project in this report.

Aim & Challenge

Higher reach through customized branding


Corporate color pink remains

Sun and water graphic remains


Redesign of the companys logo


This part was largely left out as ideas for the new logo already existed. I was already gripped by a creative drive when I took on the job.

Initial situation

altes Logo Pink Sonne Soulful Sojourn Siegesleitner

Previous Logo

Redesign Pink Sonne Soulful Sojourn Siegesleitner

New Logo

As you can see, mainly I edited the curves of the graphic (strokes and corners). 

I did this because thin fine lines and pointed edges add a graceful look, the whole logo looks finer and conveys a more sophisticated look, which presents a high-quality brand.

Explanation of my design decisions

Revision of the graphic parts

Logodesign Arbeit flow design siegesleitner
Logodesign Arbeit flow design siegesleitner

In addition, I designed wave-shaped alternatives instead of the previous simplified “line” waves. The viewer will now establish a faster connection to nature and relaxation through the waveform

This reflects the agency’s values and goals.

Adjusting the font

Previous Logo

Changing the font was also part of the redesign.

As the entire image now consisted of finer lines, there was a break in style with the font used for the company name.

The new font (right) now appears in the same style as the logo. For better readability, thick font style was used and the text appears in capital letters.

New Logo


Handover of the final design

The logo redesign was successfully handed over to Soulful Sojourn.

You can currently see the logo as a profile picture on their Instagram account: soulful_sojo